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Microsoft Edge download

Microsoft Edge Download

Microsoft Edge Download

microsoft edge download

Microsoft introduced this revolutionary browser named Microsoft Edge. Microsoft edge is recommended by Microsoft as the Fastest Browser when compared to Chrome and Firefox. Let me explain the Pros and Cons of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge comes as a built-in browser only in Windows 10 Operating System. Its not available in Windows 7, Windows 8 or .1. If you want to download Microsoft Edge, then you can use the below mentioned link. But this links works only for windows 10 pc’s.

Download Link :  Microsoft Edge Download

At First, when i started using Microsoft edge i was little skeptical about it. Since Windows 10 itself new to me. Microsoft Edge loads so fast as promised by Microsoft. Since it comes a Pre-loaded app with windows 10.

Since people started liking Microsoft Edge, Microsoft released MS Edge in Android as well as in IOS. You can download Microsoft Edge in Play-store for Android and App-Store for Apple Devices.

Microsoft Edge Download links :

Download Link for Android Devices : Microsoft Edge for Android

Download link for Apple Device : Microsoft Edge for IOS

Most of the built-in windows 10 apps will load quickly, But i do heard from people that windows 10 Apps are loading slow. If you find any of the apps are not working right. Please follow below mentioned steps so that you can go ahead and perform some troubleshooting to repair those apps so that it works properly.

Troubleshooting steps:

Step 1 : Press and Hold Windows Key and then Tap the I key on your keyboard.

Step 2: It will open Settings Page in your Screen

Step 3: In the Search Box, Type Apps & Features, It will open the Apps & features like image below. Click on the Search box on the Right hand side.

Step 4: Search for the Problem app that you are facing issue with and Click on uninstall. Once you have Uninstalled try Reinstall app again and Check.

Step 5: Please Note, App Reset is only available for built-in Windows Apps and not for 3rd party apps.

Step 6: If you troubleshooting Windows built-in apps, Then once you click on the Problem App, Click on it. It will give you Advanced Options, Once you click on Advanced options, It will give you the option called Reset. Click on Reset. It will take sometime to Reset. Once the App is reset, Try launching the app again and try whether its working or not.

microsoft edge download

If Microsoft edge is not working, You need to do the same steps which i have mentioned above. The Steps which i have mentioned above is available only in Windows 10 few versions. If you are having Older version of Windows 10, You will not be able to see those options to troubleshoot. If you are in Earlier version of Windows 10, Please upgrade to Latest version, So that you can fix the bugs in windows 10 and make it work better.

The reason why i am asking you to upgrade your PC to Windows 10 1803 version is,  When Microsoft launched windows 10, they didn’t realise what are the bugs in windows 10 so they keep on releasing Updates one after the other to get there product work correctly.

So my kind advise, Please upgrade your PC to Latest version of Windows 10 1803.

Let us get back into the Topic, Microsoft is proudly saying it has added lot of features to Microsoft Edge like Tabbed View. Where you can save the Tab in the Left hand side Top Corner and you can resume your work whenever you want. Let me explain how it works…

Look at the image down below, If i want to have MSN saved in my Microsoft Edge Forever, You need to click on the Top Left hand Side Corner, A Box icon which Points towards Left. You need to Click on that Icon to move your web-page saved in Tab Window. And if you want to resume your tabs which you are working earlier, Click on the Icon on the Top Left hand Corner having 2 File like icons merged together. Click on that Tab, It will show the tabs, which you have saved in earlier. Click on Restore Tabs. To Restore all your Tabs and continue your work.

Its like a One Quick Access Pause/Resume Button where you can Pause all your Work and come back and resume it. In Case, if you have accidently closed the Edge Browser. Not to worry, All your Tabs will be still saved in Edge Browser.

microsoft edge download

If you feel like Clearing all your Browsing history from Edge Browser. You can very well go ahead and click on the Top Right hand Side corner of Edge where you can see the Icon with 3 Dots like this “***“. Click on the 3 Dots and then you will get a drop down, Please click on Settings and then it will take you to next screen, it will give you the option to Clear Browsing data. When you click on it, It will give you the option to choose which all data you want to get it cleared. You can select your preferred ones and clear it.

If you want No data to be saved in Edge Browser and it should be cleared when ever you Close the Edge Browser. I would recommend you to select the Option, Always Clear this when i close this Browser.

Once Interesting Feature, Which is Forgot to mention its the Add Notes Feature in Microsoft Edge. Its the Best Feature which is not available in any of the browsers online. The reason why its is Best because, In case if you are reading a Blog or Article online in a Website and it sounds so interesting and you want to save it and Share it with your friends. You can click on the Top Right hand Corner of Edge, You can see an Icon with Writing Pen . Click on the Icon, It will give you the Option to save the Article or Specific Paragraph in Web Note or Favourites or Reading List. If you want to share, Click on the Share Icon and it will give you the options to Share the link via Facebook, email, Skype etc

You can also Install Extensions in Edge Browser, I am not sure about the 3rd party extensions, But you can download your Favorite extensions like IDM, Adblocker Plus, Ebates, Amazon Assistant etc.

Hope Microsoft add lot more add-on extensions for Microsoft Edge.

Overall when it come my experience with Microsoft Edge, I love the way it is Designed and its Features… But there is lot of rooms for improvement when it comes to Browser experience.

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