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Windows 10 Start menu Fix – Start Menu not working or not responding???

Windows 10 Start menu Fix

windows 10 start menu

In Windows 10, The Most common problem is Start menu. Since customers are fed up with windows 8 operating system by keep on pressing the windows key for each and every use.  So Microsoft decided in order to satisfy both windows 7 customers and windows 8 customer from the headache of windows key. They have introduced Start menu in windows 10.

If Start menu is not introduced in windows 10, then windows 10 might have become a failure. But Microsoft realised customer difficulty and added start menu option in windows 10.

Start menu is a One stop location where you can accessing frequently accessed controls in windows 10 like Control Panel, System, Programs and Features, Command Prompt, File Explorer, Run, Task Manager etc…

You can access all these above by doing a Right Click on Start Menu.

For people who don’t know what is Start Menu, Start menu will be like a White Four Square box which will be located on the Bottom left hand side of your Task bar. If you still have don’t know what it is, then look at the above image you can see the Start Menu.

There are Millions of people asking one common question with regards to Windows 10 Start Menu???

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First of all, Let me explain the reason why Windows 10 Start Menu failed to work properly…

Since Microsoft integrated all applications in the form of apps and tiles with Start Menu. When you click on start menu, All the apps which are showing in Start menu will start syncing all the data in background. Because of this sync issue, Start menu will start responding very slow. Which result in Start menu hanging or not responding.

When the apps associated with Task bar are not working properly and hanging, Which also affects the Start Menu in windows 10…

To avoid Start menu from handing or not responding. You need to do the following changes in Windows 10.

If you are not using any apps that you see in Start Menu Launch, Please do a right click on the specific app and Unpin from the start Menu. So that the app will not work in the background unless until you search for the specific app and launch it.

Steps to Fix Start Menu issue in windows 10

Step 1: Press and hold the Windows Key and then Press the R key on your Keyboard.

Step 2: Please do a Right Click on Start Menu and then click on Task Manager.

Step 3: You will have Task Manager Opened like below mentioned Image. If it looks Small like image in the Left, Please click on More details to get the Full View of Task Manager.

Step 4: Once Task Manager is Opened, Please Scroll down till Windows Processes and then click on Local Security Authority Process.

Once you have selected the Local Security Authority service, Click on End Task.

It will give you a prompt stating, Whether you want to End the System Process… Please Check Mark, Abandon Unsaved data and Shut down.


Once you have added a Check Mark, You need to click on Shut down.

This will end the Local Security Authority Process…

Which will result in System Restart in 1 Minute, It will give a prompt stating the system is going to Restart… Once PC comes back after restart check whether the Start Menu is working fine.

Most of the time, This troubleshooting step will fix the start menu issue.



If still not working, You can run the Start Menu Troubleshooter:

If the above link is not working, then you can use Alternate link to download the Start Menu troubleshooter: Start Menu Troubleshooter

Even if the troubleshooter is not fixing the issue… Please use the link to troubleshoot further.

If you are not able to fix your Start Menu issue even after following above steps.

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